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About This Project

That doesn’t look Bulgarian!’ is often considered a compliment in Bulgaria, which has sometimes struggled to show pride in its national culture. This has led to Bulgarian design being undervalued, resulting in little demand for local products. Yet the Bulgarian national anthem refers to the homeland as ‘heaven on earth’. Videnov Furniture looked to the role of nature in Bulgarian national heritage and linked it to contemporary design, encouraging Bulgarians to feel proud of their identity – and of locally produced goods.


???? Sashka Chenkova, Stefka Budakova, Hristina Valchanova, София Генова, Desislava Petrova, Diyana Vasileva, Marin Kostov, Emi Stefanova, Aleksandrina Stefanova, Viktor Manchev, Ivan Ivanov, Denitsa Milanova, Sevdalina Andreeva, Clamer Production, Joro Manov, Kaloian Toshev, Neli Mitewa Ivan Asen, Dinka Yakimova-kasabova, ХРОМЕ and many other great people…


D&AD 2023 | Shortlist / Sound Design & Use of Music

FARA 2023 | Gold / Music & Sound Design
FARA 2023 | Silver / FILM & AUDIO / TV Commercial
FARA 2023 | Silver / Cinematography
FARA 2023 | Silver / Campaign
FARA 2023 | Bronze / Radio
FARA 2023 | Bronze / Art Direction
FARA 2023 | Bronze / FILM & AUDIO / TV Commercial